Go Go Games


Go Go Games Studios is an award-winning creator of engaging video games that work like therapy, but feel like play. The company’s founders are game designers from the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University who are passionate about giving kids with autism the chance to grow up to live full, productive, and independent lives.

Joy Wong DanielsJoy Wong Daniels is a user interaction designer, media producer, and social entrepreneur. Her work has been focused on the design of educational tools, as well as understanding how ubiquitous access to digital technologies is changing the way that young people learn, play, and connect with their communities. She is a d.school alum and holds a master’s degree in Learning, Design & Technology from Stanford University. Prior to graduate school, Joy was the Associate Director of Marketing at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco and was selected as an Honoree of the 16th Annual Webby Awards. For more, visit www.joywongdaniels.com.

Alexis HinikerAlexis Hiniker is a software engineer and graduate student searching for ways to leverage technology to improve the lives of those impacted by autism. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Harvard University, a master’s degree in educational technology from Stanford University, and six years of experience in product development at Microsoft. She studies cognition in autism as a visiting student researcher at the Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Lab and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington.

Heidi Williamson is an instructional and interaction designer specializing in science curricula, web sites, exhibits and programs for elementary and middle school students. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree from Stanford’s Learning, Design, & Technology Program. Prior to graduate school, she managed science education projects and programs in higher education, informal education, and the non-profit sector. In her spare time, Heidi is a freelance web designer and developer who has enjoyed bending HTML and CSS to her will for more than a decade.

Illustrations and visual design by Junko Maegawa & Nok Anusard Korlarpkitkul.