Go Go Games


Go Go Games™ is an award-winning suite of iPad games designed to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) learn to quickly notice multiple features of the objects in the world around them. This perceptual skill is essential to learning and comes naturally to most children, but is known to be a common difficulty for those with ASD.

Go Go Games™ provides the opportunity to practice this critical skill while maneuvering trucks, trains, and spaceships through a trio of fantasy adventures.  We hope to capture the imaginations of the students with ASD that have inspired our work, while helping them build a foundation in an ability that has broad implications for life-long learning.

The three Go Go Games™ are grounded in Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT) – a behavioral intervention that targets key skills known to have broad benefits. In accordance with PRT, the games use a natural setting and intrinsic motivation to encourage a child to practice responding to increasingly complex sets of features in a way that is rewarding and fun. To see for yourself visit us on the iTunes store. We hope you enjoy playing!